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Welcome to the Samaratin Trade room portal. Our goal is to offer a professional relaxed day trading environment for seasoned traders and newcomers alike. Smith is a veteran trader of 21 years and shares that experience for intraday trades and larger swings.


The main focus of session trading is from 9am till 12noon EST with head trader ASmith as he shares his live charts on screen, set-ups, trade calls and market commentary in  CL, ES, and NQ primarily although all instruments are open for discussion and trading. Member traders may share their analysis/questions/ comments and trades as they choose.


Room hours and screenshare is from 8:00am-11:00pm EST. 

We intraday trade to make a conservative 20-60 points in the NQ, 8-22 points in the ES and 30-80 cents in CL, while teaching the fundamentals of Price Action trading as they apply to each instrument. Increased volatility brings larger  trade targets. During this time profit targets are in the $1.20- $2.00 for CL, 40-100 pts in NQ, and 34-51 in ES.


Samaratin Trade Room $395 monthly (Lifetime avail) subscription is open to individuals dedicated to be part of a small group of like minded day traders with a passion for the markets and helping each other learn, trade and earn as we navigate through the market trenches everyday. There are no fancy indicator or software packages, no upselling, just pure repetitive Price Action trading.














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